Why animals are greater peace than the man ?

The man claims to be the most intelligent, most superior creation of the maker than the rest of the creation. So, man finds it difficult to accept and equate self with the rest of the creation that he is also just a one of the species in this vast Brahmand

If you really see analytically, you will find that the rest of the kingdom is much better equipped for survival and the man is most vulnerable of all.

Now coming back to the main topic... why man is not at peace...?

so much has been written in Vedas , Puranas , Upnishdas and so much is being spoken , said every day , so much has been said about yoga , breathing techniques and what not .... But still as if 'PEACE ' is miles away from the man.

Isn’t is so shocking that the poor man ridiculing rest of the creation every now & then has to copy the animals (most of the YOGA postures have been driven from animals) to be at peace.

here , one more thing man has to learn to accept what they are , learn to live in harmony with the surroundings , never ever try to win over the nature ; but make peace with nature and like an animal only eat your share , don't grab other's share and be in gratitude to god .... Only then you can be at peace with self.

just few days , I saw 4 peacocks ( 2 babies , mom & dad peacocks ) , in the vicinity of my house , snakes , mongoose & fox also live here only & they all live in harmony .... Hardly any noise but the noise comes from the homes of few dwellers that live here. Many times, I feel that how come the man has made himself so misfit in the scheme of creation.... isn't it so that at times too much of gyana also has created a problem for the knower?

I have observed in my life that a little educated man in a village is much more wiser and at peace than a man living in a posh bungalow , in an affluent locality running around and searching for peace , joining laughter clubs as he has forgotten to laugh also ... a unique gift of the divine to man .

Sad but true, let the man take a U- turn , start living like an animal , start worshiping nature so that the MAN can be at peace with self.

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